Saturday, September 5, 2009

'Extract'-ed from Office Space

When Mike Judge filmed 'Office Space' years back, the main character was surrounded by--well, let's say colorful--characters that amounted to a mediocre job in a mediocre life. 'Extract' pulls from 'Office Space', but not so much that it is simply a rehash of a film. No, 'Extract' is well-worth the laughs. Jason Bateman plays his main character, Joel, like he played his other supporting characters as he had in other films and that was just right for this movie. The other characters, in a similar fashion when compared with 'Office Space', are just as quirky and the dialogue is wittily elaborated. The story is not linear, and that is what made 'Extract' better thematically as a comedy.

While 'Office Space' may be more memorable, 'Extract' maintains a comparable, satirical tone that will probably get you to laugh later on as you recall the highlighted scenes of the film.


Have you seen this movie? Comment and give it a zombie-head rating.


  1. I gotta give this one four zombie heads.

  2. Bateman and Affleck were great but the story never took root for me. They didn't get into the characters enough. Love Wiig but her character was shallow. I'll stick with "Office Space" the copier in the field scene. I've been there!