Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fond Memories from the Grave: A Look at My Review of Batman Begins (2005)

I was expecting something campy. To be honest, I was skeptical of another Batman film after the fatal flop that was 'Batman and Robin.' No, Christopher Nolan's enthralling vision of a poverty-stricken Gotham City combined the best elements of 1989's 'Batman' with the realism of a modern day metropolis, signifying the well-deserved reestablishment of a franchise that had apparently fallen off the wayside. 'Batman Begins' testifies to the foundations of humanity that lies within the basis of all comic book heroes, with focus on thematic elements of fear and mental uncertainty which instigated the emergence of Batman as a figment of Bruce Wayne. Batman Begins is arguably the most psychotic and moralistic addition to the filmography of the Caped Crusader.

'Batman Begins'-1/2

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