Saturday, September 5, 2009

You Should Be There for 'I'm Not There.'

Abstract and thematically engaging, 'I'm Not There' immortalizes the saga of a folk singer/storyteller that became the voice for generations in the late twentieth century, giving Bob Dylan's life the symbolism and metaphorical parallels that it essentially stood for. In the perspective of this film, Dylan was a wanderer, an outcast, a figure of fame, an actor, a lover, and a folk legend---all portrayed by different actors that embodied different aspects of that persona. 'I'm Not There' effectively captures the tensions of the time period and its people, even touching upon the boundaries of the human psyche through the tinted eyes of one man. I was there for "I'm Not There", and you should find the time to be there too.

'I'm Not There' (2007)-

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