Saturday, September 5, 2009

MovieGhoul: Where Zombies Meet Film

Welcome to MovieGhoul! Here, you can share thoughts and such on film or television shows. I'll try to update weekly with new movie releases and shifts in discussion. I have a Rotten Tomatoes page (Spagett M.) and you can see me on YouTube at
Feel free to leave comments, criticize, or observe on these pages---as it will help with future developments for the blog and how I am writing. Input is much appreciated.
About the film ratings:
-Stay Dead (equivalent to 1 star)
-Brainless(equivalent to 2 stars)
-Bits of Brains (equivalent to 3 stars)
-Fresh Flesh (equivalent to full 4 stars)


  1. Hey, when are you going to review "Drillbit Taylor"? I looooooved that movie!!

  2. Haven't seen it, and probably won't see it. You can write your own review if you choose.