Saturday, September 26, 2009

Opening This Week: September 20th-26th (Surrogates find Fame in Hell...and...Pandorum?)

Here's what is happening in theaters this week:


'Fame': A modern remake of an urban musical that appeals to the 'High School Musical' generation. Critics are recognizing the flaws of this film within the character development, which they claim seems choppy and somewhat unfulfilled.

'Surrogates'-A robotic thriller starring Bruce Willis and based upon a graphic novel: quite a trend in modern cinema next to computer animation. Directed by the fellow that brought the world 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,' this film is being critiqued on its action sequences and hollow acting performances. Too short on suspense? Feel free to share your thoughts on this film if you have seen it this week.

'Pandorum'-A deep space horror film with Dennis Quaid and produced by the folks that delivered the 'Resident Evil' films. Not to judge prematurely, but this movie looks like a rehash of the same confusing plot twists and cheap thrills that those films consisted of.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
'I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell'- The overall consensus: Critics hope they play this film at cinemas in hell.


  1. I just got out of Surrogates, will probably post a review tonight or tomorrow. It's alright, high action, low substance. A lot like Equilibrium in terms of basic plot, wouldn't be a bad dvd rental.

  2. As much as I like Bruce Willis, I'll have to pass on Surrogates. It looks too convoluted and somewhat cheesy and overdone. As for Fame, it's a classic and should not have been touched or "remade."

  3. I also hope they serve popcorn and ju-ju-bees in hell so they can be used as projectiles while trying to stomach this tripe.

  4. I just finished watching this movie with my some close friends. We all had some good laughs while watching it and cherish the whole experience. Its a fairly good movie.
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